Urban Foxes

3 pieces, each measuring 36 cms high by 76 cms long by 3.5 cms thick:  Cast iron, rusted.

Foxes have come to live in the city to avail of the improved chances of obtaining food.  They are survival artists, using their cunning to make their livelihood.  Foxes have adapted well to life in towns over the last 50 years or so.  They prosper because they find plentiful food and shelter in gardens, yards and other open spaces.  Never far from controversy, the fox has earned a reputation for intelligence, ingenuity and audacity which highlights just why it is found on almost every continent and every location.  However, the stress of city life has brought other challenges and the quality of life may have been sacrificed for the ease of opportunity.  With high urban mortality rates (the motor car being by far the biggest killer) the city fox has a life expectancy which rarely exceeds 3 years, with 15 months being typical. In rural areas this can extend to 9 years.