Piece for a Maple Tree

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Carved Granite Boulders 300 x 90 cms.
Leaf Stones: 50 x 35 cms approx.
Hand Print Stone: 90 x 30 cms approx.

Eight artists, selected to participate in a Sculpture Symposium, made work for this Sculpture Trail, which is situated in this popular Forest Park. The work was made in the Park, using materials found locally. “Piece for a Maple Tree” was placed under an old maple tree in the forest, projected from the ground by about 10 cms and was surrounded by leaf mould and leaves falling from the tree itself.

“As Nature is indifferent in its attitude to itself, everything is in harmony as nothing has a greater value than anything else. However, human inhumanity to the natural elements – among them, trees – has disturbed the balance of this arrangement. We cannot exist autonomously: we are intrinsically bound to the eco-system through an interdependent and interactive relationship. Creating disturbances in the delicate balance, the hand of humanity can both destroy and heal by its intervention – thus we have a responsibility. The symbolic wisdom of trees and the ancientness of stone can act as guide to our impetuosity.”