Journey: Memory of Place

Installation: Drawings, mixed media, found objects, mud.  480 x 240 cms.

Comprising a wall mounted assemblage and a floor piece, the installation has an interactive element:  there are textures, colours smells;  the audience is invited to read the stories, look at the books, open the boxes.

Representing a collation, a bringing together of disparate (though not unconnected) themes, the work forms a ‘patchwork of ideas’.  The patchwork’ is created by 1ft squares each carrying a different image and the floor piece, made of mud and floorboards, adds a reference to the in and out house of previous works.

In its making, the work alludes to the feminine attributes of gathering, homemaking, nurturing;  the slow gleanings of ideas and materials over time and from various sites;  the ritual performance of the daily routine;  healing the rifts between past and present, between that which is known and that which is lost and forgotten.