Boglands Symposium


The Bogland Symposium event comprised 16 selected Artists who worked for three weeks on the bog in Co. Wicklow, making temporary, ephemeral pieces. Only materials found on the bog were used and no brought-in tools were employed. This event resulted in an exhibition at the Crescent Arts Centre, for which a catalogue was produced.

The chosen theme for my work drew on the idea of the bog as a holder of evidence of the past. The work also acted as a homage to the physical features of the site, which was sculpted by the natural elements. Peat hags, vast areas of bare turf and white granite sand, water worn “cliff” faces up to six feet in height and exposed bedrock all went to make up the mountain-top landscape in which I was working. I wrote a poem at the time, reflecting my feelings of awe at the natural drama –

The aged bog
Time worn and sculpted
Makes a laugh of little art.
Scale mocks the imposition
of imported form.
Strength of elements
Unity of perfection
Simplicity of being
Strip learning bare.
Falling on resourcefulness
Answers creativity.