And Tir na nOg Dances On

This work, a large installation, was my first Solo Exhibition and was shown at the Orchard Gallery Derry.  Comprising a temporary floor piece, a sculpture and a wall drawing, it was accompanied by 9 wall mounted pieces made in concrete.  The exhibition occupied the two main  gallery spaces and the small front gallery.

“The references in the work to the intertwining of landscape and history create an impression of an understanding of what it means to be Irish.  The work also addresses what I perceive as the changing nature of that understanding in Irish Society today.  There seems to be more an air of optimism, and a general new confidence in identifying oneself as Irish.
The interaction of ancient and modern, image and materials, is carried throughout the work: – natural materials work with lead and concrete;  old bones with modern machinery;  ancient symbols with contemporary idioms.  The materials are used in a metaphoric manner, so they may read as the image does and create a sensual response.  They constitute part of the familiar environment, both natural and man-made.”