House Trees and other tales

House Trees and other tales is currently on show at DeAppendix with Ciara McMahon, GP and curator.  I made a large wall drawing titled House Trees, carrying the following verse:

We live amongst them

and they amongst us

We share their space

They share ours.

They stand sentinel;

We live in their balmy shade.

They are our companions on Earth

companions on Earth.

Included in the Exhibition are these following works:

The theme for these works is “Nature through our human eyes”.  We seem to measure everything according to its relation to ourselves.  The two works “Aerials” turn this around a little.  I intended to show that we are part of all that is nature, and not a-part from it.

DeAppendix is an art project run by Dr Ciara McMahon at her surgery in Dublin.

“The arts have been part of the Amaranta Family Practice since its inception. Our

doctor, Dr. Ciara McMahon is acutely aware of the importance of creativity to our

quality of life and so the practice is co-located with De Appendix space. De Appendix

has a regular program of visual art installed in the practice reception and waiting room

in addition to an on-going artists residency programme, where professional artists are

awarded studio space in the practice for an eight week period

( ).”   Dr. Ciara McMahon